So, you’ve somehow gotten your greasy hands on the very rare Battle Cards – nice! You’re awesome!

How to play

Divide the cards between 2-4 players and do not let opponents see your cards.
Play each card in the order it was dealt. Pick a skill with which to attack your opponents: An example could be “Coder skill – HARDCORE!” (yelling is optional, except for Finnish people).

There are now 6 possible outcomes

Victory: Collect your opponents’ cards and continue to the next round.

Defeat: You lose – hand over your card.

Stalemate: Your skill is matched by one or more opponent(s). Pick another skill to do battle in.

Blocked: An opponent has a BLOCKing ability for the skill you played. You lose the round

Diverted: An opponent possesses Star Power, and diverts the battle to a category of his / her choosing

Defeat by multiples: If 2 or more opponents beat you and are tied, these opponents face off against each other. The opponent that comes first, clock- wise, selects a new skill

Overview / Guide to skills

BLOCK: Defeats an opposing skill, no matter how high – unless your opponent is unblockable!

Star Power: Use your dazzling scene-star charisma and smooth talk to divert the battle to another category where you are the strongest.

If you are playing your own card (e.g. Knoeki playing the Knoeki card) you temporarily gain star power.

You cannot use Star Power against another card that has Star Power (these cancel each other out)

If more than one opponent has Star Power, select the one that comes first, clockwise.

Unblockable: This skill can not be blocked, some sceners are just that focused

Ranks: Noob < Startup < Experienced < Hardcore < Elite

Percentages 0-100%

100% is obviously best.