Demoscene Battle Cards?

Demoscene Battle Cards is a card game for 2-4 players, in which players take turns to challenge each other by selecting different demoscene skills to battle in from a card drawn from the top of their deck. For instance, selecting the “Musician”-skill in the three cards below would allow the player holding the Ferris card to beat both the Cheesy (startup) and Blueberry (noob) cards.

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As the game progresses players will win the cards from each other until everyone except one player is out of cards, or the players bore and just count who has the most cards in their current stack.

The game is not super-balanced but it meant to be a fun and playful take on the discussions of who the “best” demosceners are, by highlighting the many different skills and qualities of the people who are part of our beloved demoscene :)


The game is loosely inspired by the car card games popular in Germany and Scandinavia in our youth. We revamped that to feature demosceners – and we selected them for famousness, contributions to the demoscene and whatever the hell we’d like. That plus the fact that we were limited to 55 cards probably meant that a lot will feel left out. Sorry. We might be planning an expansion pack :)